Ricardo Mateos

Being a historian at heart I’ve always been looking for meaning and understanding, and when the flower essences came into my life – not by mere chance, I think – I very willingly entered that fascinating field of knowledge with great enthusiasm and it has been wonderful to see how that has evolved. That was around 1995 and ever since then much of my activity, both as a teacher and as a flower essence practitioner, has been dedicated to it. Throughout all these past years I have translated books on flower essences and flower essence therapy, I have translated classes on the subject, I have taught on the subject in Spain and in far away places such as Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and Argentina, and I have seen hundreds of people who came my way asking for comfort from the flowers. A very rewarding on-going work honoured by the invitation to join the Twelve Healers Trust.

I was born in Madrid in 1961 but have been living in Barcelona since 1977. Here I have studied History and Translation (from English and French) at university and nowadays I keep on studying Psychology aiming at putting together the knowledge that comes from different branches of human culture, to which I add my longstanding interest for mythology. Strangely enough I’ve always had a great interest in royalty and the course of power throughout history and that has taken me to write several books on European royalty and related subjects.

When back in 1995 I first met Julian Barnard in Barcelona new ways of meaning opened in front of me and my then narrow knowledge of Dr. Bach’s flower essences begun to blossom with colour and form. His own approach, his great idea of “the form & the function”, his very clear signature-reading work made truly good sense to me and that is the path I’ve been following ever since. Others such as Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz – whose great work from the Californian “Flower Essence Society” I’ve followed closely – came along the way bringing in new insights and the interesting work with Jungian archetypes. Again as a historian there are many more things I’d like to know about Dr. Bach, his life and the sources of his knowledge and his ideas, and my keen interest for flower essences pushes me to keep going on along the path wherever it takes me. Ready to help I put myself to the service of the Twelve Healers Trust as a way to spread the word and to helping developing the knowledge about flower essences Worldwide and most especially in the Spanish speaking countries to which I feel so closely bound for historical, cultural and also romantic reasons. I co-direct the “Centro Gaia de Terapia Floral” in Barcelona where I teach the use of flower essences (Dr. Bach’s, FES Quintessentials and Australian Bush Flower Essences) and see people as a practitioner.

Li Ying-Che

Dr. Li Ying-Che was born in Taiwan in 1966. He was graduated from the College of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University, and also obtained the degrees and certificates for doctors of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Ever since Dr Li worked in the medical field for 20 years, especially as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in a private clinic (Li Ying-Che Chinese Medicine Clinic, Taiwan). He has a reputation for treating patients with love and listening.

In 2003, he further began to teach courses of the Bach Flower Remedy with his clinical experiences and studies. In a hope for helping people to use the Bach Flower Remedy for selfcare. Meanwhile, he also shared his clinical experiences with other pactioners and counseling psychologist to combine the Bach Flower Remedy into their practices. Later in 2004, he established a IFECenter in Taipei (International Flower Essence Centre) for research and popularization of Bach Flower Remedy and published his the first Chinese book, about Bach Flower Remedy in 2007.

Dr. Li Ying-Che is glad to hear about The Twelve Healers Trust that incorporate the resources from all over the world into the spreading of the philosophy of Dr. Bach. Also, he feels honored to be invited to be a trustee of the trust. In addition to the course teaching in Taiwan, he can also help in associating the Chinese communities, and share his clinical reports and experiences to the world.

Luciana Chammas

Luciana Chammas is Brazilian. Born in 1967, she majored in Information Technology and discovered Bach Flower Remedies in 2002.

Living in São Paulo, she is the responsible for Healing Essências Florais, a company which supplies Healingherbs Bach Flower Remedies in Brazil.

She also teaches in courses for therapists at Universities.

She believes that the work involving flower remedies only makes sense if they can reach everyone, regardless of individual’s socioeconomic status.

That is why she dedicates much of her time to social work in education and using of flower remedies in poverty-stricken communities on the outskirts of Sao Paulo and in the Amazon region.

To become a part of the 12HT is an opportunity to step up social work in education and healing through Bach Flower Remedies, with people who share the same ideals.