Julian Barnard

Julian Barnard is a leading world-expert on the Bach Flower Remedies. Born in the town of Reading in the UK in 1947, he has written several books on Bach Flower Remedies and given talks in more than 20 countries around the world. In more recent years he turned to making films about the plants which are used in the preparation of the essences.

He is founder and director of Healing Herbs Ltd, a British company set up in 1988 to make Bach remedies according to the original and traditional methods devised by Dr Bach. Focussing exclusively on the Bach remedies has led to learning in depth about the plants, the methods of preparation and proper methods of manufacture.

Dr Bach’s philosophy was explained in his writings: first edited and published by Julian Barnard as Collected Writings of Edward Bach, in 1987. Bach’s ideas form the foundation for the work which we do and whilst anyone can take a flower essence and gain benefit without knowing what is happening it is important to retain a living link to the vision which originated with Dr Bach.

Vivien Williamson

Vivien Williamson is a primary school teacher by profession, but has spent most of her working life in Adult Education. The Bach Flower Remedies ‘found her’ in the early eighties and feeling drawn to share this life-changing encounter, she started a self-help study group. She made her first flower essence in 1989, and then went on to make all 38 remedies over the next four years. Her company, Sun Essences, came into being in 1993, and a major focus of its work was found to be creating a variety of combination remedies. This culminated in formulating and supplying Bioforce with their Jan De Vries combination essences from 2000 onwards.

A pioneering member of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, she gave service as both Chairman and the Essence magazine editor. Also a Director of the ‘Bach Essence Producers’, she played a part in the organising of the Cromer Conference in 2006. Delegates came from 32 counties to celebrate the life and work of Dr Bach. It was a unique and unforgettable celebration on the 70th anniversary of his death.

The most significant result of this ongoing connection with the Bach Flower Remedies, has been the powerful impact of Dr Bach’s philosophy on Vivien’s life. She believes it gives meaning and purpose to the client’s journey with the Remedies. Unfortunately, they are usually presented to people isolated from this living root. It therefore seems imperative to keep Dr Bach’s valuable vision on life, alive and growing. The chance to become a part of the 12 Healers Trust, and work with people who share a similar ideal, has been an unmissable opportunity to make a difference.

Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill is an acupuncturist and teacher of Chinese medicine. Born in Hertfordshire in 1947, she studied fine art in London and lived for several years in Japan, where she became interested in various aspects of the Oriental healing arts. In 1987, she co-founded Monkey Press, a small publishing company dedicated to the publication in English of classical Chinese medical and philosophical thought. She is its current director.

Sandra teaches at the University of Westminster and on post graduate programmes in Chinese medicine throughout Britain. She is the author of several books including Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Body and The Roots of Health.

As a trustee of the Twelve Healers, she is interested exploring the philosophy and the mechanisms of health and healing. Both the Chinese classics and the work of Dr. Edward Bach emphasise the spiritual and emotional causes of disease. By discovering ways to live in harmony with nature and with our own nature we may find a sustainable health strategy for the 21st century.

Graham Challifour

Graham Challifour was born in London in 1951 from French and English parentage. He studied Fine Art at Reading University and went on to The Architectural Association, London. Here were inspirational teachers who demonstrated how traditional values combine content, meaning and purpose with form and expression; where the arts have a responsibility to nurture our individual and collective well-being.

He has worked on many projects in art performance, architecture, photography, the graphic arts and film-making. For 30 years he worked as a commercial architectural photographer and more recently as a designer for Healing Herbs Ltd.

Pleased to be asked to be a trustee of The twelve Healers Trust, in service to the inspirational work of Edward Bach.