Information for those seeking our support

The Twelve Healers Trust has been formed to further the work of Dr Edward Bach. The Trust could not achieve this without the generous support of Healing Herbs Ltd.

The Trustees all have an interest in the work of Edward Bach and a willingness to use their skills and experience to work together for a common cause.

The Trust aims to advance education and carry out research into:

  • human emotional states and the factors that affect them
  • the effect of human emotional states on health and wellbeing
  • the effect of wild flower essences on emotional states

The Twelve Healers Trust will support individual or group projects from anywhere in the world. To date, the Trust has supported projects which include publishing, research, education and the protection of natural habitats. The identity of the Trust will develop through the experience of making things happen.

The Trust will support projects which fulfil its aims and are in tune with its commitment to change.

The Trust aims to make change by:

  • Adopting a co-operative, non-competitive, non-profit-making way of engaging with the world
  • Making knowledge and understanding freely available to anyone in a spirit of mutual trust
  • Joining forces with others working from similar healing philosophies to build a momentum for global change
  • Working to further Dr. Edward Bach’s teachings


The Trust is able to offer support, advice and expertise, as well as finance, to promote the realisation of suitable projects.

If your application is for financial support it should include:

  • Some background information about your work to date
  • A description of the nature and objectives of your project
  • An idea of how you see the Trust being able to help
  • The time scale – from allocation of support to completion of your project
  • An account of how the grant will be used
  • How the effectiveness of your completed project will be recorded
  • How your project aligns itself with the ethical and spiritual aims as outlined by Edward Bach

Applicants work closely with a individual Trustee who will help them to present the project to the Trust.